Proper All-Day Events with iSync and Nokia E51

n82-alldayevents-and-warning.pngHave you ever thought, why all-day events from iCal are synced via iSync as meetings from 0:00 till 23:59 on your Nokia E51 (or any other Symbian S60) mobile phone? While the Nokia calendar supports all-day events as „day note“ (and also syncs to your mac properly!) there should be a way to change the behavior. wrote about this problem in his article „Fixing the Nokia N82 iSync Plug-In„. I used the instructions to change my E51 isync plugin.

Just copy the file from to /Library/PhonePlugins. Use at your own risk!

You might encounter sync problems. I personally reset my sync profile and soon ended up with duplicate entries for calendar and contacts. I you have the same problem, delete all calendar and contacts entries and reset your iSync-E51 connection.

Delete all calendar entries:

  • go to „month view“
  • choose „delete“
  • choose „all“

Delete all contacts:

  • choose „select >“
  • choose „all“
  • choose „delete“

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  1. steffen 7 Juni 2009 at 19:19 #

    Just want to say thanx, that article helped me a lot!

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